A Moving Visit to The War Museum Cambodia

We visited the War Museum Cambodia which is located on the outskirts of Siem Reap Cambodia. It is an open-air Museum that opened in 2001 which allows visitors to walk around a vast array of Tanks, armored personnel carriers, vehicles, weapons and even a Helicopter.

Forgotten Workshop of Artist Dy Proeung at Roluos Village Cambodia

We visited a small Village called Roluos to see 4 rarely visited 9th Century Angkor era temples. While we were there we stumbled across the workshop of Dy Proeung, a famous Cambodian Artist with an amazing story.

Across from Preah Ko Temple in the Roluos Temple group (not at Angkor Wat Complex) is the forgotten workshop of an amazing Artisan Sculptor who created beautiful replica art of the ancient Angkor Temples and reliefs. It was sad but also seemed somewhat fitting that the replicas of the ruins were also now in ruins.

Congratulations Cambodia Guinness World Record 11th April 2023

April 11th 2023 Cambodia breaks the Guinness World record for largest display of origami hearts. The UNESCO World Heritage site grounds of Angkor Wat were covered with millions of origami hearts.

Guinness World Record official Tomomi Sekioka confirmed on April 11th 2023 that Cambodia has secured the Guinness world record title with it’s Angkor Wat display of nearly 4 million origami hearts.

Ta Prohm Temple from the West Entrance Angkor Complex Siem Reap Cambodia

Ta Prohm Temple originally called Rajavihara was built in the 12 Century under the reign of the Khmer King, Jayavarman VII. Ta Prohm was built as a Mahayana Buddhist monastery and is located inside the Royal City of Angkor Thom in the UNESCO World Heritage Angkor Archeological Park just outside of Siem Reap Cambodia.

A Great Hornbill Came to Visit Us today in Siem Reap Cambodia

The coolest thing just happened. We were just sitting in the Living Room of our Apartment in Siem Reap Cambodia when a Great Hornbill came by to hang out on the Tree just off the Balcony. It was amazing….they are huge. We have seen 5 flying around over the last week and I have tried to take pics to no avail but I never even considered that 1 might just stop by to say hi…lol

Happy New Year 2023 from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Thank you so much for everyone who keeps up with my Blog. I really do appreciate it and I hope the best for all in 2023.

We had a wonderful time at the KLCC New Years Eve Laser Light Show. I tried to get a video of one of those super cool….”hey it is us at”  videos you see all over on social media.  But….. you can only work with what you have got. lol What I got was a video that is a perfect representation of how our life works. lol Have a fabulous New Year.

2010 Great Wall of China Mutianyu Section

Great Wall of China Mutianyu section…is a more out of the way section of the great wall…about 45 miles outside of Beijing and up in the mountains. We went to this section because it is less touristy and busy….but of course that means much more walking and climbing and general exercise. It is not a horrible climb it is just well….. long and full of stairs and more stairs and did I mention stairs and yes we went the entire way.