The Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand

The Grand Palace complex in Bangkok Thailand is located in central Bangkok was established in 1782 by King Rama I. The 218,000 square meter (2,346,532 square feet) complex is completely walled and includes the palace, temples and administrative offices.

The Amazing Preah Pithu Temples Siem Reap Cambodia

The Amazing Preah Pithu Temples Siem Reap Cambodia

We had a fabulous visit to the Preah Pithu group of Temples in the Angkor Thom Complex at the UNESCO Angkor Wat area just a Tuk Tuk ride away outside of Siem Reap Cambodia.

The Preah Pithu group of Temples were built in the 12th century and are located in the Angkor Thom Complex. Preah Pithu is a group of 5 temples in various levels of restoration. These temples were previously identified by Letters (T, U, V, W and X). Duan Mae Temple, Chorm Temple, Kor Sak Temple, Kandork Yeak Temple and the largest Ta Tuot temple.

LaLaport Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Does Chinese New Year 2023 

If you follow me on social media I am sure you have noticed that I love LaLaport Japanese Mall.  It is soooooo nice.  

For their first anniversary they are doing a double celebration with Chinese New Year.

I have done several videos of the Decorations and Displays that I will link here. They are fabulous.

Happy New Year 2023 from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Thank you so much for everyone who keeps up with my Blog. I really do appreciate it and I hope the best for all in 2023.

We had a wonderful time at the KLCC New Years Eve Laser Light Show. I tried to get a video of one of those super cool….”hey it is us at”  videos you see all over on social media.  But….. you can only work with what you have got. lol What I got was a video that is a perfect representation of how our life works. lol Have a fabulous New Year.