A Great Hornbill Came to Visit Us today in Siem Reap Cambodia

The coolest thing just happened. We were just sitting in the Living Room of our Apartment in Siem Reap Cambodia when a Great Hornbill came by to hang out on the Tree just off the Balcony. It was amazing….they are huge. We have seen 5 flying around over the last week and I have tried to take pics to no avail but I never even considered that 1 might just stop by to say hi…lol

Soooo We Got to Our Hotel Way Early, Like 7am

Soooo we got to our hotel King Rock Residences in Siem Reap Cambodia way way early. Like 7am….Upon checking at the front desk we told them that we are sorry that we were so early and we understood that check in was not until 2pm. They just smiled and asked for our names again. We were like sure. They looked blank and continued looking and looking and looking……and it was way too long. They looked nervous

Batu Caves Complex Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

I have wanted to visit the Hindu Temple at the Batu Cave complex for over 12 years now. It has just never been the right time and I will say it was definitely worth the wait. Here is some background info. The Batu Cave complex is located about 14km outside of Kuala Lumper Malaysia. It is a very easy train ride from KL Sentral Station where you are dropped directly in front of the Caves. The limestone caves are said to be about 400 million years old and were once used as shelter by the indigenous Temuan people. In 1878 a Hindu temple was dedicated to Lord Murugan within the caves.

LaLaport Japanese Mall Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

We had a great visit to the huge Lalaport Japanese Mall in the Bukit Bintang Area of Kuala Lumpur. There is so much going on here. A roller skating rink, cat petting facility, food all over the place, stores, Japanese experience etc. Plus there was a Wadaiko Japanese Drum Show for the New Year. So much fun.