Soooo we got to our Hotel way early, Like 7am

Soooo we got to our hotel King Rock Residences in Siem Reap Cambodia way way early. Like 7am….Upon checking at the front desk we told them that we are sorry that we were so early and we understood that check in was not until 2pm. They just smiled and asked for our names again. We were like sure. They looked blank and continued looking and looking and looking……and it was way too long. They looked nervous…….never a good sign. Then all of the sudden the manager was there all smiles…. also not a good sign. That is when he said the sentence that we suspected was coming. The could not find our reservation but if we could give them a little time they would take care of us.

Well that sounded good to us. We left our suitcases in their care and wandered off into the Siem Reap streets.

We met a fabulous tuk tuk driver and he offered to take us on a city tour.  We were no so much into that but he then offered to take us out of town to see the countryside.  Now that was a big yes from me. 

So while they figured out what was what with our reservation we took a tuk tuk out into the country and scared some water Buffalo…you know as you

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