Batu Caves Complex Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

I have wanted to visit the Hindu Temple at the Batu Cave complex for over 12 years now. It has just never been the right time and I will say it was definitely worth the wait. Here is some background info. The Batu Cave complex is located about 14km outside of Kuala Lumper Malaysia. It is a very easy train ride from KL Sentral Station where you are dropped directly in front of the Caves. The limestone caves are said to be about 400 million years old and were once used as shelter by the indigenous Temuan people. In 1878 a Hindu temple was dedicated to Lord Murugan within the caves. By 1940 the 272 very very steep concrete steps were added. More recently in 2006 a massive statue 42.7 meters (140 feet) tall of Lord Murugan was added. It is spectacular and definitely worth all of the effort to climb to the top.

OMG…there are a lot of crazy steep steps at Batu Caves in Malaysia
For some reason I filmed the entire walk to the first level (272 steps) of the Hindu Temple at Batu Caves. It is mostly me breathing heavily and trying not to look back because it is so steep. lol This is in real time and I did do it in 6min 45 sec… soooooo there is that.

The Batu Caves Complex has multiple caves that have been turned into shrines, Hindu educational areas and Art galleries. Please remember to keep all of your personal items tight as the Monkeys are a bit grabby. The caves are definitely a must see.

The above is a combined video of the entire Batu Cave Complex.

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