We found a Taco Bell! Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We found a Taco Bell! We were walking around in a mall just off of the KLCC Park and all of the sudden I saw the Bell…..you know the one….the Taco Bell one…lol  

Well we had to go…it is a rule when you are in a foreign land that you must go to the fast food places from your home country to compare and contrast.  At least that is Jeffrey’s rule.  To be honest I think he just wanted Tacos…lol  To the counter we went.  It looked right with all the branded images and outfits.  The ordering was a bit of a thing.  I have never been asked so many questions about a number 1 meal (2 Supreme Tacos and chips or fries)….ummm fries with tacos…no thank you.  But then the questions started….

Employee “Crispy or soft tortillas?”  

Me “Crispy”

Employee She just looked at me and in stunned disbelief  “Both!”

Me  “ummm yes”

Employee “What protein do you want?”

Me “ummmm what?”

Employee looking annoyed, pointed at a picture of my options….Seasoned Ground Beef, Ground Chicken, Grilled Chicken or Black Beans

Me “Beef Please”

Employee, with a look “Beef?????”

Me “Yes, Beef”

Employee “Beef?”

Me “ummmm Yes Beef on both”

Employee “Beef on both?”

Me I just looked at her and I was thinking are we doing a bit?????   

Me With a bit of strength “Yes, Beef on Both Crispy Tacos”

Employee Looking alarmed “There is an upcharge of 1 ringgit!” 

Me “Cool, I am ok with that”  (1 ringgit is approx. 23 cents USD)

Employee “What do you want to drink”

Me “7UP”

Employee Looking concerned “The total is 18.95 ringgit” (approx. $4.25 USD)

She just looked at me.  I understand her concern because that is a pretty hefty price for food here.  For that price you can eat 2 full meals at a Hawker center for sure. But, lets be honest the price is written on the giant sign above her head. So I was aware.

Me I paid and said “Thank you”

Employee Hands me a buzzer like I was waiting in line for a seat at a restaurant.  

So Jeff and I found a table and sat down and talked about how everything looked super legit with fire sauce and branded décor.  We had high hopes it would be good.

We waited and waited and waited and waited…..like a really long time for 2 tacos.

30+ minutes later we were buzzed for the 2 tacos….I mean….like wow.  

Across South East Asia they have Grab… Grab Guys here slow everything down. Grab is a bit like uber, uber eats and get anything now all together. They drive motorcycles and have a Soft sided hot box behind them on the seat of their bikes (scooters or motorcycles). They are first no matter what. So, if there are a lot of grab orders you wait! And wait even more as they come in strong reaching for orders as they are turning to head back out to their bikes.  

So 30+ min later we finally got the buzz to come get our order. It was a bit ridiculous but you know it was Tacos at Taco Bell in Malaysia.  The Tacos looked right and they tasted pretty good but not like Taco Bell.  Part of that was the Beef… Jeff said “I don’t think they put the seasoning on the meet, they just cooked it.”  I agreed but they did add some salsa like stuff that made it a sweet spicy taste.  Then there were the Tortilla Chips that were like super cheap tortilla chips…. but they had dumped the taco seasoning on them.  So you know all of the parts were there just kinda not in the correct spots…lol

Regardless it was, as always super interesting to contrast and compare what other countries think US fast food should taste like. 

Will we go back?….probably not.  It was not great and the cost was high for this area. But, all in all worth it to see Jeff take pictures of fire sauce packets to send to his friends.  

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