Kata Beach Fun in Thailand

We walked one beach over today.  Karon Beach to Kata Beach.  It is a nice walk on Karon up over the hill through a area of business and hotels down to Kata Beach.  

A little logistical info on Kata beach. It is actually 2 beaches, Kata and Kata Noi. Kata is a long beach and Kata Noi (small) beach. There are no private beaches in Thailand however some of the beaches are secluded and difficult to get to so in essence they appear to be private. This is kinda what has happened in the Kata area.  Club Med is a major player on Kata Beach.  While it is actually across the street from the beach it has blocked over half of the foot traffic access from other hotels. So if you are going to stay at Kata Beach make sure you map the access to the beach. Once you are past Club Med there are plenty of roadside carts to grab snacks at.  The beach is then filled with lounge chairs and brightly colored umbrellas.  There are some great places to eat with a view of the ocean as well. 

It is a great beach to learn to surf with lots of surf schools available.  We chose to relax and just enjoy the view and of course eat some fabulous Thai food. 

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