Karon, Thailand-Pool, Beach and Fun

Today is a new day and with Jet lag and not following the golden rule of— You must stay awake until 8pm. We were both up at 4am, as you do. lol However it was a lovely morning and we started with a swim. It was awesome as it was literally on our doorstep, because we had booked a pool access room at The Old Phuket Hotel and Resort at Karon Beach. (Phuket, Thailand).

Then off to breakfast and the Beach. 

Karon Beach is a long beautiful stretch of beach with golden sand and soft waves.  The perfect place to take a nap. 

There are lots of restaurants around so no need to worry for snacks and such. 

We ended the day with Ice cream at the Butterfly Bistro and back to the hotel for an epic game of Ping Pong.  Then thank goodness back to bed.  Hopefully the jet lag will be gone tomorrow. 

Artist Kimberley Cleland

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