Tour of the USCGC Cutter 37 the Taney (1936-1986)

We had a great time visiting the Inner Harbor in Baltimore Maryland.  While there we toured the Historic Ships of Baltimore.  There are 4 Ships to Tour for a 1 price ticket or you can choose to tour them individually.  (It is a much better deal to tour them on the one price ticket) The tickets are available at each ship or at the USS Constellation’s Museum Gallery located at Pier 1. I highly recommend checking them out. 

USCGC Cutter 37 the Taney-Secretary of Treasury Class (1936-1986)

A bit of information about the Taney. USCGC Cutter 37 Taney is located at Pier 5 where you can tour from the deck to the bridge, as well as below the decks to the berthing areas, mess deck, the wardroom (officer’s quarters) and back onto the fantail. The Taney saw extensive service and is often referred to as “The Last Survivor of Pearl Harbor”. On December 7, 1941, Cutter 37 was tied up at Pier 6, Honolulu, where she was able to repeatedly engage Japanese planes. Later during the Vietnam War in 1969-1970, USCG Cutter 37 participated in “Operation Market Time” in the South China Sea. Cutter 37 was decommissioned on December 7, 1986 at Portsmouth, Virginia, and donated to the City of Baltimore to serve as a memorial and museum.

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