Road Trip: Walnut Ridge, Arkansas

Road Trip Update…… We stopped in Walnut Ridge Arkansas to check out some murals and Music themed Tourism.

Beatles Park Beatles Abbey Road Sculpture is a 10 feet by 20 feet, created by sculptor Danny West of Walnut Ridge, is a tribute to commemorate the Beatles historic stopover in Walnut Ridge Airport in September of 1964.  You can also take some fun photos with a yellow submarine and Beatles Cut outs. 

Robert Clifford Brown aka Washboard Sam

Washboard Sam was born in Walnut Ridge Arkansas in 1910.  His career took off when he moved to Chicago in 1932. By 1935 he was recording for Bluebird and Vocation Recordings. He was one of the most popular Blues performers tin the the 1930’s and and 40’s.  He recorded over 160 tracks and is greatly remembered as an influence on the Chicago Blues scene.

Art Alley

There are lots of Murals running both sides of the Alley just outside Hotel Rhea. Two local teachers, Jamie Farrar and Sommer Ferrell, organized an Arts Festival in 2021 to help brighten the Historic area.  

Definitely worth a stop.

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