Road Trip update: Casey Illinois

Road Trip update.

We picked up Kelsey Cleland in St Louis and made it about 2 hours before we were lured into the town of Casey, Illinois by signs for Worlds largest things. Lol. It was definitely worth the stop.
There are plenty of things to see in Casey Illinois, affectionately called “Big things in a Small Town”

Here is the list and location of all of the super cool things you can take your picture with.

Certified World’s Largest:

*World’s Largest Wind Chime (right beside the Whitling Whimsy Café at 109 East Main)

*World’s Largest Rocking Chair (across from the Wind Chime at 110 East Main)
*Former World’s Largest Knitting Needles and Crochet Hook (in The Yarn Studio at 8 East Main)
*World’s Largest Mailbox (just a block west of city center at 19 West Main)
*World’s Largest Wooden Shoes/Clogs (in Wildflour Bakery & Candy Co. at 20 W General Robey Street)
*World’s Largest Truck Key (in front of the old Downtown Garage at 5 West Alabama Avenue)
*World’s Largest Teeter Totter (beside the World’s Largest Wind Chime at 201 E Main)
*World’s Largest Barber Pole (in front of Tina’s Barber Shop at 12 West Main Street)
*World’s Largest Twizzle/Swizzle Spoon (in front of Brownie’s Place at 111 South Central Avenue)
*World’s Largest Golf Club (located at the Visitor’s Center at 4 South Central Avenue)
*World’s Largest Golf Tee (behind the Clubhouse at the public golf course at 203 NE 13th)
*World’s Largest Pitchfork (beside Richards Farm Restaurant at 607 NE 13th)

 Big Stuff
*Big Ear of Corn (2 East Main Street)*Big WW (7 East Main Street) inside Whitling Whimsy Café
*Big Bird Cage (26 West Main Street)
*Big Pencil (8 West Main Street
*Big Yardstick (3 East Main Street)*Big Wooden Token (in front of Casey State Bank Branch at 936 Illinois Route 49)
*Big Rocking Horse (9 East Main Street) inside Main Street Mercantile
*Big Cactus (9 East Main Street) in front of Main Street Mercantile
*Big Toy Glider (inside the Casey Municipal Airport at 101 Airport Road)
*Big Spinning Top (18 South Central Avenue) in front of Deborah’s Attic
*Big Bookworm (307 East Main Main Street) in front of the Library
*Big Mousetrap (4 South Central Avenue) near the Visitor’s Center
*Big Nail Puzzle (101 North Central Avenue)
*Big Softball Bat in front of the Softball Hall of Fame in Fairview Park (500 East Monroe Avenue)
*Big Antlers in front of JJET Rental (905 N Illinois Route 49)
*Big Pizza Slicer in front of Great House of Pizza (904 N Illinois Route 49)
*Big Minion (13 W General Robey Street) in front of The Traveling Mug
*Big Poke Ball (8 West Main Street) inside the Tee Shirt Connection

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