Breaking News—–We are Giving Ourselves the Gift of Adventure!!!!

Breaking News—–We are giving ourselves the gift of Adventure!!!!

You may ask what does that mean? Wellllllll we have sold our house, putting everything in storage and taking a gap year. You know like the kids do these day…lol We are starting with a bit of a family visit across the U.S. then heading to South East Asia. No we have not gotten a firm planned itinerary. But we do have a lot of airmiles so it should be fine….I think. Stay turned for more information. You can follow our adventure on my blog. …… YouTube ….. Instagram ….. TikTok etc….. I have just about all of them….lol Also if you are looking for a fabulous Realtor you can do no better than Jennifer Erwing at Erwing Realty. We highly recommend her. Wish us luck!! #grownupgapyear

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