The Fabulous Rodney at Gallery Skye

A fabulous time was had by all at Gallery Skye (6423 Richmond Ave H, Houston, TX 77057) The Art Event was to celebrate the Artist Rodney D Butler’s 50th Birthday.  Live music was provided by Tip Tolbert.  Be sure to check him out on YouTube or Instagram. He is very awesome.  Rodney’s Art and the Art of the other Local Artists displayed is currently available for purchase at Gallery Skye.  So be sure to stop by and check out all of the amazing Art available. #originalart

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Rodney D Butler Bio…..I am a modern day Renaissance Artist, meaning I draw, paint, cook, do architectural design along with digital art and photography. Now while my Paintings on Canvas and Mixed Media Art are becoming increasingly popular, I’m best known for what I call “Green Metal Art” it’s where I take scraps of metal and / or mechanical parts deemed unusable by most standards and weld them into various artistic shapes, forms, figures and concepts. I believe in whenever possible take materials that may have been otherwise discarded and transfer them in to beautiful art. It’s my way of recycling trash into artistic treasures.

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