See Me at 2nd Meet The Artist Feb 2017


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Please join us for a complimentary Artist Reception Featuring
Abstract Artist Kimberley Cleland In her latest Solo Exhibition “The Mind’s Eye”

“The Mind’s Eye” Fine Art Exhibition features 35 original pieces by Contemporary Abstract Artist Kimberley Cleland. Please come to this complimentary event and meet the artist Saturday February 25th 2017 from 3:30pm-6pm at BR Vino located in Historic Downtown Rosenberg Texas.

All exhibited pieces are available for purchase at the “The Mind’s Eye” Exhibition or directly from the artist’s website. Pieces shown will range in price from $300 – $1,100.

Artist Bio
Kimberley Cleland is a contemporary abstract artist that works mostly in acrylic. She was born in Perry Oklahoma and studied Fine Arts in the United States. She has traveled extensively and lived in both Asia and Europe where she has had solo Art Exhibitions. Her works are in private collections in Norway, France, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai, Indonesia, Canada and the United States. She is currently living and working in the greater Houston area.

Artist Statement
I love to paint and experiment with color and light as color is only the representation of light in different aspects. When I am painting pure abstract paintings I am constantly trying to recreate that infinitesimal moment in time when light and color become one. Blending into a captivating reflection of all that is in that moment. It is the perfect balance of the visual and the emotional state. However, when I paint more graphic paintings full of structured boundaries and unadulterated colors. I am trying to capture the waking dreams of my subconscious. It is like walking through a garden full of shapes and patterns that portray my thoughts and intentions. The shapes illustrate what is real and what is only considered. This kind of painting allows me to clear my mind and visually display my thoughts.
I find both painting styles calming. One for its balance and the other for the ability to express my inner thoughts in a visual format.

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Photo compliments of Averil Gleason

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