2009 Getting Settled into Eng Kong House


Getting settled into our new home has been lots of fun. You know where is this, I can’t find that, why is this here….etc. I have made some headway though and have some pics of our new home. I will update as things get organized.

Click here for more photos  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1129537885515.21235.1439265824&type=1&l=631f3937ce

Lah of the Jungle….ummm well if your jungle is a blinged elephant on granite floors….ahhhh the life of spoiled rotten pets. — with Lah Cleland at Eng Kong Place.


OMG do you love my Foo Dogs? They are so cool…and weigh like a billion pounds as they are marble. When they delivered them I could not even watch because I was so afraid that one of the guys would get hurt

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