2010 Great Wall of China Mutianyu Section


Great Wall of China Mutianyu section…is a more out of the way section of the great wall…about 45 miles outside of Beijing and up in the mountains. We went to this section because it is less touristy and busy….but of course that means much more walking and climbing and general exercise. It is not a horrible climb it is just well….. long and full of stairs and more stairs and did I mention stairs and yes we went the entire way. It was funny as our guide who has been taking people to the great wall for 4 years has only one time gone the entire way and in the end just pointed and said I will wait here. Now that is always a good sign. So the deal is you climb a rocky road pretty much 45 degrees straight up to get to the cable car that takes you up up up to the base of great wall and then you climb up to the top of the wall and then wow you see how long you are really talking about. It was very cool and beautiful. In the end at the last steps that were about knee high each Tristan made it about 2/3 of the way I made it ½ and Kelsey and Jeff went to the top. The problem was not an inability it was more the fact that our guide was yelling to us that the last cable car left at 5:20 and we had to hike the entire way back still. It is amazing how quickly you can hike when faced with a treacherous hike down a mountain….LOL

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Ming Tomb on the way to the great wall…this is Rogin our guide
Great Wall of China Mutianyu Section…the hill to get to the cable cars to take you to the wall in this section. Kelsey had to have the panda hat….ummm so did I. LOL
Great Wall of China Mutianyu Section
Great Wall of China Mutianyu Section…. Yes that is a Mule! It was following me down the stairs and decided to pass. Tristan was quite startled…LOL
Ming Tomb on the way to the great wall

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