2009 Singapore…..We had some Excitement at our New House!

I am not sure but this may be one of the most exciting things to happen since we moved to our new house. We have had birds fly in and walk in off of the terrace….our house is filled with geckos and their visited by the little bit bigger lizards every once and awhile however this takes it up a notch or 7. I was just arriving home after Tristan’s teacher conference and heard all kinds of commotion. So I headed up the driveway to find our new neighbors that just moved to Singapore from the United States leaning out their second storey window pointing and yelling “no no no it is over there” as they were looking over the fence into our pool area. Then I heard Kelsey and Tristan going “oh no! Not that way the other way”. So as I climbed the steps I see Kelsey and Tristan each holding a long handled pool tools and chasing something around in the pool. I figured that something flew into the pool and they were trying to get it out but that is when I saw the huge Malaysian Water Monitor running across the pool bottom. Ummmm well it seems that the monitor had made it to the second floor balcony of our neighbors house and she had no idea what it was and freaked out and started screaming and ended up scaring the 4 foot plus long lizard around the ledge of her house to the back terrace that is on the same level as our back terrace so it ran to our house. All of the screaming from next door woke Kelsey and Tristan out of their teenage TV induced stupor to go outside. At this point the lizard tried to climb down the side of our house and then fell and freaked out even more….Kristi next door was trying to call anyone to come help her (ummmm she is going to have to get used to it because this is the jungle) but of course they thought she was crazy and told her to “just shoo the lizard away”. However the lizard was so terrified at this point that it was not shooing the correct way and of course it was now in our yard. So in an attempt to help, Kelsey went to the 2nd level terrace and tried to lean down and push it with a broom….ummmm not the best idea…….and it proceeded to run straight for the pool and jump in…..also not a great idea but understandable. Kelsey starts yelling that the lizard is going to die in the chlorine (i am not sure) and gets the long leaf cleaner and starts trying to scoop up the lizard as Tristan herds it into the net with another pole. That is about the time I topped the stairs. The lizard was not amused and bit the pole further inciting squeals or terror from our neighbors. I realized that if something was not done quickly this huge 50lb lizard was either: going to get hurt and die or was going to attack someone neither of course is a good outcome of the situation. If they would have just left the monitor alone it would probably just have left on its own. However it was way way way to late for that now. So I told Kelsey to stop trying to catch it and just try to nudge it along the bottom of the pool toward the back corner and then when it started to try to climb lift the pole up a bit and hopefully it will use the pole to push off. So she calmed down and did that and it worked and out came a huge terrified 4 foot plus ……and 50lb lizard….ummmm well I guess that was better. It was stunned and refused to move from behind the pot so we left it there in hopes that it would leave during the night…….it didn’t…. So this morning I tried to block off an area so it would head for the driveway and back into Bukit Batock jungle that is about 4 houses away.. I went behind it from the back side of the pool and touched its tail with a broom and like a shot it ran but of course not to the drive way but down the steps into the area it was stuck after it had fallen off of the wall…..so now it is down there and I am leaving it in hopes it tries to escape down the drive and hopefully it does not get back in the pool…. Well later I came downstairs because I thought someone was at the door…..ummmmm yes there was a big ass lizard trying to come in through the glass doors……Lah (the cat) was a bit upset over this as if I am honest I was also. As soon as it saw me it ran for the pool again……great. What a cool pool toy we have. I just walked off. About 30min later it climbed out and headed for the driveway and walked off thankfully before the kids got home from school. See now that is the kind of excitement you get when you live next to a jungle. Some fun baby.


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