2009…Dieng Plateau, Shiva Temple and Volcano


Dieng Plateau Indonesia is an active volcano complex that is a drained caldera. The people of this area dug down to help irrigate the lower terraced areas and ended up draining the caldera and discovering the Shiva Temples. This temple complex has eight small Hindu temples from the 7th or 8th century. They are thought to be the first stone structures in Java. There were about 400 temples originally. The name Dieng means abode of the Gods.
The Volcano itself is very active and has been for centuries. It mostly releases gasses and has random boiling pits etc. The people of this area are sometimes killed due to releases of gas at new location they then post signs that say death hole. The most recent eruption was on 16 January 2009 in a crater called Sibanteng Crater where it ejected material 50 meters from the crater. Luckily it was calm on the day we went….but it was very very hot and stinky….and I will admit it was a bit on the spooky side too.




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