Carrot Cake with a new Friend

I was walking by the Louvre today and low and behold in the window of Tea by The there was a slice of carrot cake with all of the icing and everything….Omg you have no idea how rare that is….there are always sweets that are eye candy for the soul all over Paris. But Carrot Cake si impossible.  I was truly caught.  So in I went.  After obtaining my prize and an Espresso I chose a table to enjoy.  Within moments of sitting a small bird joined me and we had a delightful snack.  LOL  Later my son’s comment was “What are you a Disney Princess”.  Hmmmm I think I might be….LOL


A little birdie and I are sharing an Espresso and Carrot Cake

One thought on “Carrot Cake with a new Friend

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