So every time I think there is not much that can surprise me anymore here in Paris I am stopped dead by something. Here is the scenario:

I had to go to the doctor and get some lab work done….they decided that my French was not good enough to answer the medical questions….probably a good call on their part…LOL So I waited around for the Dr who spoke English….. He calls me back and started with the standard questions and then asks why my French is so bad….LOL…. I told him that I was working on it but it was very difficult and he looks me straight in the eye and says “Madam you must take a French lover! They are very patient and will guide you through the trials of learning the real French….” I was stunned….I was speechless (and like that never happens) I just started laughing…..then he started laughing…but his was more of that huhuhu laugh. He then winked and handed me a cup and said “I need a sample of your urine.”

OMG!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!

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