2012 It is official we have lost our minds

Well it is official we have lost our minds…..We are driving from Paris to Rome….OMG! Jeff’s reasoning is sound…. I guess…”We can check it out” ummmmm, ok well anyway the plan is to drive from Paris to Genoa stay the night drive down the Amalfi coast and then be in Rome the next day….park the car at the airport (yes we still have to get from the airport to downtown) and then take a train and a bus to the condo by the Parthenon….(yeah!) then do Rome, Ostia, etc then day trip to Naples to do Pompeii and Vesuvius then day trip to Florence and Pisa. After all of that we drive to Venice and park at the ferry terminal…take a ferry to Venice and then a water taxi to the hotel and stay for a couple of days…then ferry back to the mainland and drive back to Paris.

Here are the details…

16 April 2012— Paris to Genoa stay at Hotel Bristol Palace


17 April 2012—Genoa to Rome

17 April-24 April 2012 staying at the Apt Stelletta2 near the Parthenon http://www.romecityapartments.com/apartments/Stelletta2_det_301.htm

24 April—-Rome to Venice

24 April-26 April—-Venice


26-27 April Venice to Paris—not sure exactly where we are going to stay on the way

…wish us luck as I just found out we are going to be driving through the Italian Alps….

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