2009….Monkey Forest Hike, Java Island


While in Yogyakarta Indonesia we went hiking in the Monkey Forest. It is a very beautiful location that as the name implies is full of monkeys. Well we were going for a nice little 1 hour hike but of course that never works out for us. Once we got there and started the easy walk in the manicured area we met an old woman who was carrying a crate that she had tied onto her back. I am not sure how old she was somewhere between say 50 and 2,000 and tiny wearing flip flops and of course the crate was full of water and 100 plus and snacks weighing a lot. Well I bought some water and peanuts to feed the monkeys and it seems that I over tipped because she followed us around and said there was a nice easy trek up to where the monkeys were so well up we went….ummmmm the term easy was a bit of an understatement. If you have been doing this your entire life everyday well yes it would be easy…but if you are some pampered out of shape tourists I would have to say that easy is not how I would describe it. Well we climbed straight up over roots and downed trees and washed out trails…..it was embarrassing to be lagging behind this woman…but of course up we continued. So at the top there was a Y in the trail……hmmmmmm the short way or the “just 20 or 30min more to see the spring”…..of course just 30min more……hmmmmmm…….I am not sure if this woman could tell time because 4 hours later after basically falling down a huge drop off…..crossing a river 3 times…..then walking through the river because the trek was washed out and flooded and of course crawling through a hole in the mountain….we made it back to a village…of course at the bottom of the mountain and the car was at the top…… Of course we had a great time and loved every minute of it but this is a lesson…time is relative…..LOL…of course I gave her another extravagant tip because hey she definitely deserved it for showing us some of the most beautiful jungle area around.

Click for more photos https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1175498074491.28565.1439265824&type=1&l=c6e97661ff


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